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What the TESOL Industry Took For Granted

An idiomatic journey into real virtuality and its irrefutable relationship with the TESOL Industry (TI) . _________________________________________________________ 1st things, first. The TI (Tesol Industry) generated, a few years ago, as reported by Harvard, 60 billion dollars in annual revenue from China alone (ca. 2014). To understand the magnitude of said amount, let’s calculate: What is 1/8 of […]

The Thing About Language

“It is a rule up with which we should not put.” (Winston Churchill)  An example of an arbitrary linguistic rule: Do not end a clause or sentence, declarative or interrogative, with a preposition. (Yes, it’s hard to put up with!!).   The thing about human language is that it is able to create a paradox out […]

A Cultural and Linguistic Journey

By: Peter Maximilian HM Well over 60 years ago, on the tin Island Bangka, in the archipelago of Indonesia, I was birthed in a city named Pangkalpinang. Specifically, it was November 27, 1954.  I was the third of 3 siblings. This was post WWII and Indonesia after 300 years of being held hostage by the Dutch and then controlled by the Japanese […]

The Communicative Approach in Teaching (CAT)

In defining CAT, we include CLT (Communicative Language Teaching).  So, what exactly is CAT? Let’s break it down step by step:   A. Communication happens only when the decoder (the recipient of the spoken  language provided by the encoder) accepts and “successfully” interprets the  words, phrases, and sentences presented to her.   B. When one says something, […]

The Difference Between TESOL and TEFL

Today’s blog will cover some common questions asked about TESOL/TEFL certification programs and how to pick the program best for you. Question 1: What is TESOL?  Answer 1: TESOL represents a billion-dollar industry that has fundamentally advocated for, promoted, and presented the English language as a tool to improve all sorts of economic endeavors. Teaching […]

Understanding Language Acquisition

Language acquisition is both nature and nurture. One is born with the ability to acquire a language (nature) and it then has to be nurtured by the environment to develop. Some say that once a baby is conceived she is already listening and acquiring language. This sentiment is often supported by the fact that when […]

TESOL – An Overview

By Peter Maximilian HM English has become the Lingua Franca of the World. Its global presence is ubiquitous. The English language appears in World cultures via Music and all forms of Art, and by way of Technology, Science, Academia, Travel, and Politics.  Do the non-English speaking World Citizens who collectively outnumber English speaking folks feel […]