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TESOL-EDU Services is a definitive language acquisition agency and offers the LAT-TESOL course for International TEFL Certification. Contact us for more information regarding our TESOL/ESOL courses and private language lessons.

All Courses

TESOL-EDU Services provides a definitive journey into the Communicative Approach in Teaching (CAT) with its LAT-TESOL, ESOL, & TOEFL courses. TESOL-EDU Services also provides tutoring in Language Arts (K-12); Reading & Writing (All Levels); Mathematics & Science (1-6), as well as private lessons to acquire & learn Spanish, Swedish, Croatian, and Dutch.

Our Mission & Team

“Our goal is simple: Teaching, training and linguistic development via the Communicative Approach.” Peter Maximilian HM, Founder.

All TESOL-EDU facilitators are experienced and LAT-TESOL certified.

Our Clients

“After having spent hundreds of class hours in cultural anthropology and related classes at Cornell University, I found Mr. Maximilian’s LAT course to be unequivocally the most interesting, eye-opening, and practical course I have ever taken. I not only urge language teachers, but all teachers and anyone who wants to improve their cognitive, communication, and writing skills to take advantage of his courses.” – Rod Novak, LAT Teacher (Cornell ’69)

TESOL-EDU Services is the exclusive provider of the LAT-TESOL Course for International TEFL Certification and specializes in the successful use of Communicative Approach Facilitation (CAF). CAF focuses on the natural processes of language acquisition, learning, study, teaching and the facilitation thereof. The approach aims to optimize the client’s experience in a “class setting” and to increase the overall purpose of Culturally Linguistic Experiences (CLE) by focusing on developing language fluidity. (Excerpt, The ICLA Curriculum). 

TESOL-EDU Services also offers:

  • TESOL workshops for teacher training and professional development
  • ESOL curricula for implementation
  • Consultation & preparation for school accreditation
  • Private ESOL courses
  • Effectively personalized TOEFL preparation courses 
  • Private language lessons in,
    • Spanish
    • Croatian 
    • Swedish
    • Dutch
  • Linguistic Consultancy Services 
    (e.g., editing, translation, & interpretation)

TEFL Certification via The LAT-TESOL Course

  • TESOL Workshops
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • ESOL courses & curricula

TESOL-EDU has serviced a variety of institutions including HeadStart. The LAT-TESOL course has been used to certify teachers since the year 2000. To enroll in or set up a course {TEFL, TESOL, ESOL, EFL, ESP, Teacher Training Workshops} please contact us. 

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Tesol-Edu Services is now listed on SchoolAndCollegeListings, a leading online directory for educational institutions. Click here to visit our listing to explore our comprehensive educational Tesol programs, and student success stories.

‚ÄčInternational TESOL/TEFL Certification Accredited (by proxy), 2002, 2005, 2013