What Our Clients Say

Rod Novak

LAT Teacher | B.A. Anthropology | Cornell ’69

“In September 2000 I met Peter Maximilian after being referred to him by a well-known language school in New York City. Being impressed with his international background and his concept of multi-cultural linguistics, I decided to take his LAT course and study the process of language acquisition. Not only did he prepare me for a successful second career as a language acquisition teacher, but he also opened my awareness to the use of language, for good or bad, in a multi-cultural society and world. After having spent hundreds of class hours in cultural anthropology and related classes at Cornell University, I found Mr. Maximilian’s LAT course to be unequivocally the most interesting, eye-opening, and practical course I have ever taken. I not only urge language teachers, but all teachers and anyone who wants to improve their cognitive, communication, and writing skills to take advantage of his courses.”

Jessica Bell

TEFL | Summer 2012

“Thank you Peter! I really learned A LOT from you and the entire experience this summer has been one  that I will value and always remember. The St. Pete [practicum & theory] experience was one that I believe all TEFL students would benefit from. I understand now why online prep-programs are insufficient. Thank you again!”

Jonathan Carroll

LAT-TESOL | Chile | December 2011

“Peter, how are you? I have been in Chile now for 4 months and I’m really having a great time! At the moment I’m working with two institutes teaching all levels of ESOL. I want to write and tell you how much your LAT-TESOL training course has helped me in the field. Your understanding and perspectives of ESOL has given me a leg up. Thanks again for all your help.”

Márta Vajda

LAT-TESOL | Hungary | January ’09

“Peter Maximilian’s LAT-TESOL Course is like no other in the world of Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language. After undoubtedly failing at acquiring any sort of knowledge through an online ESOL teaching program last year, I was blessed to be referred to him. There is not one online teaching program that can ever compare to the level of expertise and knowledge that he infuses into this course; resulting in the most effective form of learning both theoretically and practically. Peter’s approach to Multicultural Linguistics, Deep-Structural English Grammar and Language Acquisition & Development, to name a few, is unparalleled in the ESOL Environment, and I owe every bit of my knowledge in this field, to his course. I recommend and encourage anyone that is serious in obtaining their TEFL/TESL Certification, to open their minds to this course and encounter the abundant world of the Language Acquisition Teacher! You will not be let down. “

Luiz Bravim


“I have been a teacher-educator for the past eight years. After spending months searching for the perfect TEFL certificate course, I enrolled in LAT-TESOL for its flexibility and commitment to excellence over ideology. Peter Maximilian HM serves as Director of TESOL-EDU, after having pioneered the contextual grammar approach to language acquisition. Be forewarned, this course is not meant for those ‘dabbling’ in language teaching. This is a professional certification designed for those seeking a deeper, more authentic understanding of how to acquire a language naturally and effectively. With Peter’s help, I learned more about the structure of the English language in a week than in three decades as a native speaker. I have no doubt LAT-TESOL will make me a more effective teacher-trainer and school administrator the world over. If you’re in the market for a TEFL/TESL/teaching certificate, save yourself the time and go with the best–Peter Maximilian HM.”

Linda Dolphin

TEFL/TESL | University of California, Berkeley | June 2013

“Peter – I recently completed your TEFL/TESL certification course in Orlando. When I saw the schedule of classes I was immediately intimidated (long days of study – fair amount of reading).   However, the reality of the course was quite different. Joyous rather than boring, thought provoking rather than stale, and relevant rather than routine, it was an invigorating and affirming academic experience.   So many aren’t. Your attitudes about language acquisition and your ability to transfer those ideas in such a timely and entertaining way made a huge difference in how I received and retained the information. Without dancing on tables or putting the class to sleep, you kept us captivated and engaged while presenting some pretty potentially dry topics (i.e. deep structural English grammar). It’s scary to think that folks actually earn this certificate online.  The personal interaction and immediate feedback (constructive criticism during your observations) gave the course a living and breathing component obviously unavailable online.  Had I not met you and watched you convert theory to practice, the course facts would have been just that.  Facts, with no particular ‘flavor’ or meaning applicable to real life language learning and teaching. By necessity, I’ve taken linguistics, rhetoric, English, speech, and writing courses before.  Without question, your TEFL/TESL course ranks among the best in terms of NET RESULT! I left the course feeling snappy and in tune with everything I need to teach ESL today -including an appreciation of your chilled out zen attitude.  I promptly threw out a few textbooks just for good measure, and generated some lovely conversations with my beginning students as soon as I returned to my classes. Thanks again, Peter. You have a gift, so keep teaching!  It was a joy learning from and with you!”